Dynamic Profile Controller™ (DPC™)

An Integrated Carrier Platform for Assured Mobile Bandwidth Delivery On-Demand
Cloudstreet’s Dynamic Profile Controller™ (DPC™) is the world’s first carrier-grade platform to deliver SLA-assured quality-of-experience for mobile broadband users. The DPC™ enables a world of application-aware networks to support IPTV and OTT video content, Internet of Things (IoT), wearable healthtech, VR/AR M2M and 100% availability for Critical Communications applications like body cameras and smart vehicles.

The DPC™ provides an elegant solution for mobile telecom’s greatest problem and a clear path to the promise of 5G telecommunications. Driving new revenues from premium quality-assured connectivity, carriers can rapidly deploy and scale new services for differentiated consumer and business segments, while aligning with the principles and practices of Net Neutrality,


Today, most households today subscribe to one or more OTT video service. OTT is roughly defined as those services not offered by a telecom service provider, but still leveraging their networks for its delivery. While allowing the voracious appetites virtually any video-enabled device, Cloudstreet provides a proved concept and future-proof solution to the problem of OTT video content delivery.

As more and more devices come online in the Internet-of-Things, including wearable health monitoring devices the connectivity and performance those devices will come to constitute life and death priority. These are two principles which although very logical are not applied in any systematic way in mobile networks until now. Cloudstreet provides the platform for these essential services.

From the billions of sensors in millions of portable and digital home devices, to pervasive smart appliance connectivity,, a new and inherently data-dependent world is quickly emerging. But the Internet of Things simply won’t fly in a “Best Effort” world. For the IoT to become established and function properly it will require reliable networks across our evolving heterogenous networks from end-to-end.

Among the most promising innovations of today are within the M2M space, rapidly coming to operate pervasively across our connected world. From industrial applications and rising robotic workforce to microscopic sensors installed in devices from business to consumer to public health and safety, there is no question that this essentially modern technological paradigm will require the architects of our mobile telecom infrastructure to abandon anachronistic “best effort” networks.

While the DPC™ can be easily configured to run on a simple home WiFi network, it scales infinitely to address the needs of a modern connected city’s infrastructure and all the consumer, business and public users within it. While the DPC™ can be easily configured to run on a simple home WiFi network, it scales infinitely to address the needs of a modern connected city’s infrastructure and all the consumer, business and public users within it while radically improving customer experience.

Among the many critical applications that leverage the advanced Cloudstreet system are mandated body cameras for state and local police, real-time surveillance and security monitoring systems as well as global data and voice communications across the entire continental US first responder network. Now available as an open API & whitepaper published along with the US Government, the Cloudstreet solution has delivered on the promise of Dynamic Network Management.

As the dynamic multipoint nature of live entertainment events comes into full focus, combining primary broadcast signals and user-generated content, service providers are looking for high-bandwidth solutions. Working with a leading Nordic carrier and multiple broadcasters Cloudstreet’s DPC™ has been deployed to support over 200 sports and celebrity gala events and been broadcasted over multiple prime time major network channels in Finland, using Cloudstreet.

Allowing countless new service categories and contexts to arise that span the voracious appetites of VR and virtually any video-enabled devices, Cloudstreet provides an elegant solution to high-bandwidth demand. At this year’s World Mobile Congress in Barcelona Mark Zuckerberg declared that 5G would have to support stereoscopic Virtual Reality to the tune of 4K per eye. Cloudstreet responds with a VR-ready mobile solution to deliver precisely that.

Autonomous cars – anticipated to represent 20% of all vehicles by 2053, the connectivity and performance of those devices will certainly constitute life and death priority. It only makes sense for carriers to play a central role in managing network traffic and orchestrating an array of speeds and service levels based on requirements of devices like these. Regardless of what the most hard line net neutralist would say, not all data is equal, it never has been and it never will be.

The Cloudstreet Dynamic Profile Controller™ In a Nutshell
Cloudstreet’s Dynamic Profile Controller (DPC) combines patented telecom-­grade hardware and software that bridges the service and business layers of the carrier network to deliver a range of customer-­oriented services. At its core, the DPC provides an elegant solution for the concept of “Network Slicing” and software-­defined network virtualization that is already in use by the U.S. government and several Nordic carriers. This 4G LTE-­ready solution provides a clear path to 5G and the flawless delivery of the gamut of high-­bandwidth content streams including OTT HDTV, live broadcast news and sports event streaming, last mile connectivity for remote communities and even Virtual Reality experiences over mobile networks.

Once deployed, the DPC provides network architects a powerful programming console for the creation of services to address an evolving spectrum of devices, applications and user contexts. These Profiles then come toserve matched profiles of users and M2M devices in the field to deliver the determined level of service for that situation.

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